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Sinful Fics

Sin City Fanfiction

Sin City Fiction
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The creation of Frank Miller for Dark Horse Comics, Sin City broke new ground in the world of comics back in 1993 with the artist's noir, black and white style along with gritty, hard-boiled crime mysteries. Soon to be a major motion picture (release date: April 1, 2005), Robert Rodriguez (Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Spy Kids, From Dusk Till Dawn) works closely with Miller to bring a number of these stories to life on the big screen.

The Books:

Sin City: The Hard Goodbye (Book 1)
Writer and Artist: Frank Miller
ISBN: 1878574590

Originally published in Dark Horse Presents, the thirteen part story was bound into a trade paperback in 1993. Frank Miller ventures into the noir realm of straight black and white imagery to weave a story of mystery, love and mayhem. Marv wakes up to find the woman, the goddess, the angel who picked him up the hot night before dead in the bed next to him. Cops race up to the room. He decides to find out who set him up to take the rap by avenging Goldie’s death. His kind of kill spreads out loud and far on the streets of Sin City, stretching from the sexy alleys of Old Town to the spiraling towers of the Cardinal Church.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Book 2)
Writer and Artist: Frank Miller
ISBN: 1569710686

A six part mini-series published by Dark Horse, Miller continues to explore the world of Sin City. Dwight McCarthy, a friend of Marv’s from the first story, a photographer by trade, wants to wipe the slate clean of all his screw-ups. Enter Ava, the dame who could answer all his prayers or get him killed. He should hang up on her, tell her no, but he shaves and goes to meet her. And he gets everything he wants, but at such a dangerous cost.

Sin City: The Babe Wore Red and Other Stories (filler)
Writer and Artist: Frank Miller
ISBN: Unknown

“The Babe Wore Red” published two pages at a time in Previews in 1993 – 1994. Later, bound with two other short stories, “The Customer is Always Right” and “And What's Behind Door Number Three...”, The Babe Wore Red and Other Stories was published in November 1994. All three stories help fill in the gaps between the first and second books. Love, sex, violence and death play out in true Sin City style.

Sin City: The Big Fat Kill (Book 3)
Writer and Artist: Frank Miller
ISBN: 1593072953

Guns, lovers, losers, and surprises paint the pages of the five-part mini-series. Dwight’s back, with a new face, getting into all new trouble trying to protect the girls of Old Town. He ends up on the side of angels in trying to prevent the mob from coming back in to control the prostitutes in Sin City. The angels, however, end up being the toughest band of girls that ever walked out of Old Town.

Sin City: That Yellow Bastard (Book 4)
Writer and Artist: Frank Miller
ISBN: 1569712255

A five part mini-series published by Dark Horse, Miller introduces new characters to expand the picture on the world of Sin City. Heart-trouble Hartigan has one hour to go before he retires from the Sin City police force, but he doesn’t spend it quietly behind a desk. He sets out to finish one more case: a missing little girl turns up in the hands of perverted lunatic. He saves the girl, but it forever changes his life in ways that only Sin City can.

Sin City: Family Values (Book 5)
Writer and Artist: Frank Miller
ISBN: 1569713138

This marks the departure away from the serial publication of Miller’s story. “Family Values” came out as a one hundred twenty-eight page milestone. Following up on “The Big Fat Kill”, Miho roller-blades, Dwight returns, and the Sin City mob runs clean-up detail as gang war breaks out in Old Town. A classic story of grit and revenge, Miller continues to show his narrating excellence in this wild ride of a tale.

Sin City: Booze, Broads, & Bullets (Book 6)
Writer and Artist: Frank Miller
ISBN: 1569713669

The first to showcase vignettes and color experiments, Miller offers up a good breaking in point for new readers into Sin City, while giving long time readers more to chew on. It contains the short stories: “The Babe Wore Red”, “Silent Night”, “Lost, Lonely, & Lethal”, “Sex & Violence”, and “Just Another Saturday Night.”

Sin City: Hell and Back (Book 7)
Writer and Artist: Frank Miller
ISBN: 1569714819

A Town Without Pity needs a few good men. Enter Wallace, the Zen master who can kill a man with his bare hands. An artist out for a drive one night, he spots a nearly naked woman take a leap off a cliff. He drives after, saving her from the night’s cold ocean. That only begins his trouble in another gritty tale of mystery and woe in the last of the Sin City noir series.

The Movie:

An all-star cast heads up the film adaptation to several of Miller's stories.

Mickey Rourke as Marv (The Hard Goodbye)
Jaime King as Goldie/Wendy (The Hard Goodbye)
Elijah Wood as Kevin (The Hard Goodbye)
Frank Miller as The Priest (The Hard Goodbye)
Carla Gugino as Lucille (The Hard Goodbye)
Clive Owen as Dwight (The Big Fat Kill)
Rosario Dawson as Gail (The Big Fat Kill)
Benicio Del Toro as Jack "Jackie Boy" Rafferty (The Big Fat Kill)
Brittany Murphy as Shellie (The Big Fat Kill)
Michael Clark Duncan as Manute (The Big Fat Kill)
Devon Aoki as Miho (The Big Fat Kill)
Alexis Biedel as Becky (The Big Fat Kill)
Nick Stahl as Yellow Bastard/Junior (That Yellow Bastard)
Bruce Willis as Det. John Hartigan (That Yellow Bastard)
Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan (That Yellow Bastard)

The Rules

The rules are simple and easy to follow. So follow them, already.

  1. Disclaimers - all fics must include a disclaimer. You didn't create the characters, so give credit to the person that did.

  2. Ratings - all fics must be rated. Anything rated R or above must go behind an LJ-cut.

  3. LJ-cuts - Actually, anything over 100 words should go behind an LJ-cut.

  4. If your story involves any possible squick, you should probably warn people. If for no other reason than to protect yourself from people leaving annoying, irate feedback.

  5. No flaming. There is a difference between concrit and a flame. Learn it.

  6. Any potential off-topic posts should be cleared with the moderators first. Email roadparty at roadparty@livejournal.com or mlewys at mlewys@livejournal.com.


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