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Title: Little Red Riding Hood.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jackie/Shellie, Dwight/Shellie, Gail/Dwight
Disclaimer: It ain't mine.
Notes: You'll always give in, one way or another to the big bad wolf.
(Loose References to ADTKF and the future events of TBFK. Also-the Sin City Making of Book-for the-eh-beer. :3) Major thanks to halfelffor the words from "A company of wolves"

"Little girls, this seems to say:
Never stop upon your way;
Never trust a stranger friend
No one knows how it will end.
As you're pretty, so be wise
Wolves may lurk in every guise
Now, as then, 'tis simple truth:
Sweetest tongue hides sharpest tooth."
-In the Company of Wolves

He rode in like a rinestone cowboy, or some other fictional character just as mysterious. He was alone-the buddies would come later, his "pack" as she called him and Jack Rafferty didn't bother to deny it.

"What can I get ya stranger?"

He's got a roguish smile and a wink and one of those sexy 1-900 number voices that made women orgasm and men spontaniously combust.

"Whatever's on tap."

She brings him a Ceverza and they talk and then she brings him another and another and before they know it they're still talking and Kadie's giving them a grandmotherly look telling them to take it the hell outside or they can fuck on the bar.

So she brings him home to her apartment and he makes all the right noises but his breath stinks of liquor and his hands once so gently exploring her neck and shoulders become painful.

But he brings her another Ceverza and another and before she knows it little red-riding hood's gone and in her place is a she-wolf that demands attention. They're no longer a man who's dominating a male but two figures awakening mutual passion in technicolor neon glow framed by the lights outside Shellie's apartment.

"You ain't got nothin' to fear babydoll." The big bad wolf says, Fur wild with the passion of their embrace, "Nothin at all. See-they won't come near me."

And Little Red Riding Hood trusts and she believes when the big bad wolf takes out his badge and flashes it around like a backstage pass at a concert.

It begins again when he rakes his hands down her back and she buries herself in his neck. He pushed her onto the bed, dominating her totally and she lies there willing and ready. Somewhere the sheep she had a one-night stand is killing a man he never met and she's taken into a violent world of red passion.

"Babe-you're going to love this."
And she does. She loves every inch of it. he pleasures her first as he inserts his swollen member into her own ready crevice, two connections making the adjustments for download from a worldwide internet-something neither have heard of or care exist. Somewhere across town yet another wolf tenderly nurses the sheep's wounds and she doesn't care.

She's everything he pictured. Her breasts large and full fill his hands and the hole in his mind and soul is filled with temporary ecstasy and escape just as he wished it would be. He forgets his mate and their pups in the girl next door, southern drawl and straw-blond hair.

Good god. On some plane of humanity it occurs to the wolf, I'm fucking Dorthy from the Wizard of OZ. Or at least Dorthy's Horny Slut-inbreed cousin.

But that doesn't matter to Little Red Ridden Girl or The wolf who presses down on her thighs and releases a gasp of joy that sends the Angels singing. And before they know it they're at climax and the download is complete.

"That was amazin' sug." She says, "Ab-so-lutely amazing."

"Lets Do it again." the wolf purrs, "Here, I'll make it more fun-"

And from a hidden Duty-Belt he pulls out a pair of Silver Teeth and wraps them around her wrists-tying her to the bedpost.


There is no pleasure now. No Mutual Carnal Hunger. He pries her legs apart and eats away at her center until she gasps in real-honest pain.

"Please!" Little Red Riding Hood Cries out, "It Hurts!"
"Come on Babe." The wolf says, riding her faster, "Get into the swing of things."

A swipe with his paw ends her caterwalling. He takes his pleasure again and again and removes the silver teeth from her arms, Little Red Riding Hood weeping.

"You liked that?"
Wearily she nods, afraid to anger him again and Jack Rafferty, the Wolf in Man's clothing-smiles.

"we'll do it again sometime babe."
The promise of future bestiality does nothing to assauge red-riding hood's fears but she nods and he appears again.
Wolves know to not leave a good food source after all.

And the light goes out of her eyes and her laughter's silenced. She flips through one of her sister's kid's storybooks and wonders idly if the Hunter will ever come to save her.

Its only Two Years Later on a cold rainy night she realizes that he did.
She just didn't see it. The Hunter turned out to be a wolf too.
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