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Emma and Lizzie B.

Fic: Genesis (5/16)

Title: Genesis (5/16)
Authors: Emma and Lizzie B.
Pairing: Roark/Kevin
Rating: G 
Feedback: Appreciated, as long as you understand the difference between concrit and flames.
Disclaimer: The main characters in this story were created by and belong to Frank Miller. Some minor players are of our creation. This is a work of amateur fan fiction, not created for profit.
Notes: This story will explore the relationship between Cardinal Roark (who is, at the time the story begins, Archbishop Roark) and Kevin. As a work of speculative fiction, based on a combination of evidence gleaned from the books and the movie, we have not been completely faithful to canon, nor the timeline.
Warnings:  This story will, in some chapters, contain squick-inducing elements, such as animal torture and mutilation, canibalism, and pedophilia. Please note, however, that while there will be underage sexual situations portrayed, they will NOT in any way be non-con. 

Chapter Five: I Will Give You Peace and Quietness
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