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Masochistic Streak (NC-17)

First time I've written fanfic in ages, and my absolute first time taking a crack at writing in Sin City-verse.


Masochistic Streak

Jackie Boy/Goldie


Words: 2,964

Synopsis: We get a shallow look into Goldie's past (which I made up), which has dictated her present situation as a hooker.  Selling sex has become a vapid occupation for her as time has gone by, but one run-in with Jack Rafferty reignites her passion -- and sets up her addiction for the cop's predatory ways.  She gets her fix for sure.

Rather graphic sex, to be perfectly frank.

Feedback.... concrit preferred, but anything you have to say I'd love to hear!

Disclaimer: Characters ain't mine, folks, they're Frank's.

( Sex is wonderful but if it's your bread and butter it becomes a chore instead of something to be enjoyed, savored, craved. )

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